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Brahmin Matrimonial wedding is an essential part of life that only happens once in a lifetime. At the time of marriage, each community will have its rituals and perform them in its way.

The Rituals observed in Brahmin Matrimonial weddings are as follows:

Ritual 1

The Brahmin Matrimonial wedding ceremony begins with Edurukolu, which means the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family into the marriage hall. The ritual is observed with great fun and excitement as the close relatives and friends of the groom narrate the greatness of the groom and declare writes my essay for me that the bride should garland the groom first.

The opposite party reiterates the same with the bride. Both parties are excited to see who will garland whom first. The bride and bridegroom are equaled to Sita and Lord Rama hereafter till the end of the wedding.

Ritual 2

This is followed by the groom entering the mandapa set up for the ritual.

Ritual 3

The third Brahmin Matrimonial ritual performed is Varapooja. In this ritual bride’s parents will clean the legs of the bridegroom. The most important aspect of this ritual is that each Brahmin bridegroom wears the sacred yagnopaveetham on his body.

Yagnopaveetham will have three sacred threads before marriage and nine religious lines after Brahmin Matrimonial marriage. The bride’s father will change this yagnopaveetham, and he will also decorate the write my essay for me groom with a silver yagnopaveetham on account of the auspicious occasion.

Ritual 4

The fourth ritual is Gowripooja, which the bride performs before entering the kalyana mandapam. This pooja dates back to Maa Sri Gowri performing the write my essay for me pooja in anticipation of her future husband, Lord Siva. The main reason to perform this pooja is that every bride cherishes a desire for the bond with her husband to be solid and fulfilling till the end.

Ritual 5

The fifth ritual involves the bride being carried to the mandapa by her maternal uncles while sitting in a Pellibutta in a bamboo basket. This tradition emphasizes the uncles’ responsibility in marrying their niece to the groom.

Ritual 6

Kanyadanam, the sixth ritual, is performed by the bride’s parents. They give their daughter, Kanya, to the groom so he can have children from her, and she can help him with his religious duties. They keep their daughter’s hands on the groom’s hand, requesting him to take care of their daughter and hold her hand till the end of her life.

Ritual 7

The seventh ritual is Sumuhurtham, the most important ritual in a Brahmin Matrimonial marriage. It represents the sahasraram opening up and igniting the thought process. The bride and groom will keep melakarta bellam on top of each other’s heads during this ritual, each looking into the other’s eyes. The combination is a perfect combination that, if used, will improve the couple’s health and longevity.

Ritual 8

Yoktradharana is the eighth ritual performed. In this ritual, the priests place the khani on the bride’s head, where the magalsutram is tied, and the groom performs the pooja. Following this ritual, the Brahmin Groom will tie a grass rope around the bride’s waist. The bridegroom offers the bride a promise that he will protect her from all the evils. The main reason is that the bride should be responsible for her life.

Ritual 9

MangalaSutraDharana would be the ninth ritual performed. In this ritual, the groom will tie the mangal sutra to the bride by tying three knots. There are two sutras, one from the mother’s side and one from the in-laws.

Ritual 10

Talambralu is the tenth ritual. The bride and groom will wear talambralu. Talambralu is rice cakes with turmeric powder on top. This ritual resembles the joy of a newlywed couple.

Ritual Ritual 11,12,13,14

Subsequent rituals would be Saptapadi, Nagavalli, Sadasyam, and Sthalipakam, where the groom and bride, by performing, are declared eligible to enter the household life and accept the grihastha dharma. Appagintalu is the last ritual performed.

Final Ritual

The bride’s family will hand over their daughter, their responsibility, to the groom’s family and her husband, requesting that they take care of their daughter. This ritual is a very emotional one.

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