Imperial Matrimonial FAQ is your comprehensive resource for navigating the journey of finding a life partner. We provide answers to common questions about relationships, marriage, and the search for Elite Premium Matrimonial Services.

Whether you’re seeking consultation on marriage expectations, or cultural considerations, our FAQ offers insights to help you make informed decisions and build fulfilling relationships.

Imperial Matrimonial guidance is relevant for individuals of all ages and well-reputed backgrounds seeking meaningful connections and lifelong partnerships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about your customer base?

Our members are a group of highly educated, rich, and famous people who are very concerned about marriage. We have a solid client base in India as well as across the world, which includes successful and eminent businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and people with various prestigious portfolios. A large number of our members are from India and America, followed by a large number from Europe and Asia

What age group and demographic is your database based on?

70% of our members are between 24-40 years old; 30% are under 24 or over 40 years. Location: About 60% are located across India, 20% in India, 10% in Europe and the rest in Asia.

How many days does it take to receive guaranteed responses?

The first set of offers matching the individual’s details are issued within three days of receiving the paid subscription. Exchange profiling is an ongoing process. Therefore, when the details of two members meet each other’s specifications, the profile is sent accordingly.

How many days does it take to send the profile after receiving the paid membership?

The first set of offers matching the individual’s details are issued within three days of receiving the paid subscription.

What is the validity period of the service plan?

Validity varies from package to package.

Do you have any post-wedding fees?

Yes and it varies from package to package,

How many profiles do you share per month?

We shortlist the profiles as per the details and preferences provided by you. Our experts carefully research the profiles as per the parameters set by you and share them only after matching. We have always prioritized quality over quantity, finding a profile that meets all the required parameters is an ongoing process.

Once it is confirmed that the profile matches your relevant details and preferences, it is sent to you.

What is your success rate?

We would love to say that we find partners for most of our members but unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand. However, we are proud of our success rate of 32-37 percent and are continuously striving to take it higher.

What does Imperial Matrimonial do? How are we different from others?

  1. We make our global matchmaking services customized, confidential and reliable based on personality and values.

2 We keep your search offline. Our members’ profiles are not available online, as our members’ specialties are not only important, but we consider them extremely personal.

  1. Our members include successful professionals, self-made entrepreneurs, celebrities, and industrialists.
  1. Our team loves to interact with members to understand their personalities and know them better; Their childhood, family members, and his life experiences. Over the years we have found that getting to know members personally helps significantly increase the success rate of matchmaking. As a result, we provide a global outreach while still maintaining a very personal and confidential approach, which we are very proud of.
  1. Our focus is on quality over quantity, it is necessary to meet strong eligibility criteria to become a member.

Do you provide online search services?

No, it is an offline, high-level, confidential, and personalized matchmaking service. The online element is used only to help you sign up and complete your profile, no matter where you are in the world. We will then communicate with you directly via phone, email, or Skype.

Do your services give us a guarantee that after taking your paid plan, our matching will be done through you only?

We want everyone to be matched through us. But, everyone needs to understand that the most important things in life do not come with guarantees. Sometimes we get success and sometimes not, but we indeed give our all with full dedication and true devotion, believe me, when a marriage happens through us, there is a celebration not only at your home but also in our office. An environment is created that inspires everyone to do better.

Has a background check been done?

We try to meet the clients as often as possible whether it is at their home, office or our office, we try to touch the family and friends but ultimately the information given by the client is considered as the basis, as per our rules and regulations. As stated in the Terms, we do not conduct criminal background checks on any of our members.

Proceed only based on your investigation.

Do you offer a trial period?

Because we are an elite matchmaking service provider and each of our profiles is famous in itself, therefore, in the name of trial service, we cannot give them to unknown hands.

If I find someone else during my membership period, am I entitled to a refund?

We will be happy for you. But if you find one elsewhere then no refunds are available.

Do you have a refund policy?

No, membership fees are not refundable. Please read and understand all the terms and conditions in detail before joining us!

I would love to know some of your success stories, can you share some testimonials?

We proudly say that we have been able to create a lot of love stories

Who are living their life happily! But our success stories are as confidential as our services. Our customer’s privacy is our top priority and we do not compromise with it, even if it means losing a new member.

What are your payment options?

You can pay by cheque, bank transfer, or debit/credit card as per your convenience.

Can I make a partial payment of the registration/enrollment amount?

No, our amount is a lump sum payment that must be paid in full at once. We do not accept partial payments.

What do you charge upon materialization / breakthrough?

A predetermined amount is charged as an execution/success fee on the Roka ceremony.

Would I like to get to know your group a little?

We have a group of experienced ready experts. What sets him apart is his passion and love for his work. Each of them originates from different foundations and convictions. The main thing that connects them is their passion for matchmaking. They understand what a person’s needs are regarding marriage. Every one of them is exceptionally knowledgeable about the wedding business.

Can anyone view your customer’s profile without registering?

No, our customer’s data is extremely private, and not every individual agrees to disclose that they are using matrimony services. Major portion of our customers are from VIP and elite classes and we cannot face the challenges of their generosity by disclosing any related data.

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