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Punjabi weddings and their rituals

Regarding festivities, Punjabi matrimony is an expert at pulling out all the stops, as seen by their reputation for humor, vivacity, and, of course, the bhangra. And what could be a more joyous event to commemorate than a wedding in the family?

The traditional Punjabi matrimony wedding is a joyous occasion filled with plenty of fun and recreation, as well as various unique and interesting customs.

Traditions at the household of the Bride: Punjabi Matrimony


Chuda is the name of a set of ivory, crimson, and cream-colored bangles. As a means of marking the occasion of this rite, the pandit will lead a havan. Others go out and touch the Chuda the girl is wearing while offering her their best wishes.


A paste made from turmeric powder and mustard oil is required for this dosha. Before the ceremony, the girl’s close friends and relatives spread varna all over her body. On the day of her wedding, the bride will look stunning thanks to this preparation.

Traditions at the Household of the Groom


Pooja is performed after the groom has completed dressing up in his wedding attire. After that, the “Sehra” is wrapped around the head of the groom by the groom’s father.

Ghodi Chadna

The groom’s sister-in-law applies Surma on the boy’s eyelids before the ceremony. After then, the bridegroom’s sisters take care of his mare by feeding and decorating her. The young man finally gets on the horse and rides away from his house toward the wedding location.

Ceremonies are performed at the location of the Wedding

The Varmala

the ceremony is the first one that takes place during the wedding, and it consists of the bride and groom exchanging garlands with one another. Around this moment, the bride’s sisters engage in mischievous behavior by stealing the shoes belonging to the groom. It is a joyful ritual that the girls take part in, in which they ask for a certain sum of money in exchange for the shoes.


Phere is the ceremony in which the bride and groom make seven circumambulations around the sacred fire as the pandit chants the religious mantras. In the name of God, the couple affirms their intention to remain committed to one another.


A Punjabi matrimony wedding is very ceremonial, just like any other wedding ceremony in India. The traditions at a Punjabi wedding are filled with splendor and celebrated with a great deal of pomp and show from the very beginning to the very end.

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