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Wedding Rituals in Rajput’s Marriage

Hindu weddings vary. Various regions have varied rituals and customs, but they all aim to bring prosperity and luck to the groom, bride, and their marriage. Most Indian weddings have a well-decorated location, colorful clothing with cosmetics, and tasty food. Perfect matches for Rajputs are found through Rajput Matrimony.

Rajputs are Kshatriya warriors. Their warriors are feared internationally. Rajputs reside in central and northern India. Rajput evokes royalty. Their courage and spirit are legendary. So, Rajput weddings are naturally grand and lively and Imperial Matrimonial is providing the best solution for finding the perfect Bride / Groom through their Rajput Matrimony.

Pre-Wedding Rituals:

Tilak Ceremony

An official alliance or engagement ceremony is the first thing after the match is perfect. This matchmaking is done by Rajput Matrimony. The bride’s male relatives visit the groom’s house during this ritual.

The boy receives swords, chocolates, clothes, and fruits. The girl’s brother applies the auspicious “tilak” to the boy’s forehead.

Pithi Dastoor: 

The bride and groom receive turmeric and sandalwood paste in this beautiful ceremony. Female singers with dholaks perform at the girl’s house ceremony. They sing several wedding songs with nagara and shehnai players.

Mahira Dastoor:

Both houses conduct this rite (of boy and girl). The ceremony means the maternal uncle shares his dear sister’s family’s expenses. Maternal uncles give the family jewelry, clothes, and sweets.

The groom wears a saffron robe, and a priest performs a yagna. After the yagna, the groom must act like an ascetic and flee. His maternal uncle persuades him to marry.

Palla dastoor:

The groom’s family brings garments and jewelry to the girl’s residence in this ritual. That happens one or two days before the wedding.

Rajput Poshaak

Rajput brides’ poshaaks are royal. Red Rajasthani “poshaak” adorns her (usually). Wear orange, pink, yellow, or gold poshaak. Rajput brides must wear traditional jewellery. She wears rakhri, timaniyaan, chudda, bajuband, bichiya, and nath. Jewelry has a history.

Rajput Baraat:

 All male members of the groom’s family attend. Grooms wear gold achkans and orange turbans. He generally rides horses or elephants. The groom has a sword.

Jaimal or Varmala:

Rajput husband and bride exchange garlands. Flower garlands. They head to the “Mandap” after this rite.

Marriage Rituals

The groom must confront a group of women after arriving at the wedding. The bride’s mother then performs aarti. Afterward, a relative or brother takes the groom to the marriage mandap. The wedding ceremony includes a yagna fire and Vedic mantras. Rajput brides must wear heavy veils to obscure their faces (throughout the wedding). The women attend this ceremony while the guys attend the Barat with other guests.

Granthi Bandhan and Paanigrahan: 

The groom’s waistband is linked to the bride’s “Chunni” or bridal saree. It’s “Gathjoda” or “Granth Bandhan.” The bride then places her hand in her future husband’s and receives holy water. Paanigrahan. The bride should sit left of the groom.


An important Hindu marital rite. The bride’s father gives her to her spouse in this tradition.

Seven stages and vows (pheras), Vamang Sthapna, Seer Guthi (Sindhoor), Ashwahrohan Customs, “Aanjhala Bharai,” and “Paharavani” are also essential.

Bidai or farewell:

The bride and family suffer. The groom’s car must crack a coconut under the wheel to continue. Before driving, the bride opens her veil. Her husband rewards her with jewelry. She’ll leave her parents today.

After the Bar Rukai rite, the “Grihapravesh” ritual is done.

Pujas welcome the bride to her new home. The couple plays fun games at this ceremony.


The bride meets the groom’s family the day after Graha Pravesh. They bless her with presents. This ceremony’s bride is still veiled. The Rajput wedding and celebration can only be envisaged with a royal feast. Every Rajput marriage ceremony is essential for a happy marriage and a perfect match can be found through Rajput Matrimony.

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