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Marriage is meant to be flawless. We are constantly being ambushed by allurement from various directions. Baniya Matrimony assists us in crushing that allure by participating in profound, fulfilling love—a love that provides for and receives from our mate physically, inwardly, and profoundly.

Marriage is meant to reflect our Creator’s undeniable love for us. It is the adoration that will always be there for us and will never abandon or neglect us. Satisfaction and happiness flourish when a man and a lady adore each other with that unequivocal love.

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Aarti and Baraat

This refers to the groom’s procession on his way to the wedding. Along the way, the groom is accompanied by people singing, dancing, and celebrating. When they arrive at the wedding location, the groom is greeted by the lady of the hour’s sibling, who places a tikka on his brow, and the groom does the same.

More blessings are also bestowed upon him by the lady of the hour’s sibling. Married women perform aarti and mangal geet. The most elegant bride is the Delhi baniya bride.


The bride-to-be’s father performs the kanyadaan custom: he places 1 rupee and 25 paise alongside rice in his daughter’s right hand and then gives her hand to the groom. The cleric pours holy water on the couple’s hands three times while reciting Vedic mantras.

Pheras Mangal

At that point, the couple makes seven rounds around the sacred fire. Women are singing mangal geet in the background. Following this, the lady is referred to as Vamangi because she becomes the better half of her significant other.



After the wedding customs were completed, senior family members approached the couple and presented them with gifts for a prosperous new married life. The Baniya Matrimony bride spent a lot of money on her wedding gown.

Aagamana Sva Graha

When the newlywed couple arrives at the section of the groom’s home, the lady of the hour is greeted with a huge, warm welcome by her marital family. This Baniya wedding tradition is known as Sva Graha Aagamana.

Dhan Arpana Jine Grahe

As a token of gratitude, the family visits a Baniya sanctuary and distributes gifts, philanthropy, and blessings to the less fortunate.


This is a significant event hosted by the groom’s family to celebrate the wedding and formally introduce the lady of the hour to family and friends. It is a time for dancing, singing, and having a good time.


Weddings signify a lifetime commitment to your life partner. Baniya Matrimony allows the couple to meet for the first time and adapt to one another. While wedding gowns are becoming increasingly important if your dress is fitted to your body and fulfills all wedding tenets without jeopardizing the marriage decision.

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