Different types of marriage

Different Types Of Marriage

Marriage is a social institution or legal contract establishing the recognized union between two individuals, typically involving emotional, romantic, or sexual intimacy. It is a formalized commitment that signifies a shared life journey, mutual support, and often the intention to build a family or household together. While the specific customs, rituals, and legal requirements surrounding marriage vary across cultures and societies, the core elements typically include mutual consent, commitment, and the expectation of fidelity and support between partners. Marriage serves various purposes, including providing social stability, legal protections, and emotional fulfillment, and it plays a significant role in shaping family structures and relationships within societies.

Marriage is a religious function that functions in various forms and has different cultural, legal, and social implications. Every religion has different rules and functions for performing marriage in society. 

Let’s discuss some of them:-

Monogamy Marriage:-

‘Mono’ means single or one. Monogamy refers to having only one partner at a time, whether it be emotional, sexual, or both. Although many modern relationships follow this model, some individuals may find it difficult to remain monogamous, leading to infidelity and ultimately forming separation, breakups, and even divorce. 

Monogamy marriage is the traditional form of marriage where two individuals commit exclusively to each other. In a monogamous marriage, partners agree to be sexually and romantically exclusive, forsaking relationships with other people. Monogamy is the most common form of marriage in many cultures and societies around the world, and it is often rooted in cultural, religious, or personal beliefs about commitment, loyalty, and love. 

We can define monogamous marriage as a long-term relationship or a single partnership.

Group Marriage:

Group Marriage, also known as polyamorous or polygamous marriage, involves multiple partners who form a committed relationship together. Unlike monogamous marriages involving only two individuals, group marriages can involve three or more consenting adults who share emotional, romantic, and sometimes sexual connections. Group marriages can take various forms and may have different structures, agreements, and dynamics depending on the individuals involved. These arrangements often require open communication, trust, and mutual respect among all partners to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Arranged Marriage:

Love Marriage:

Civil Marriage:

Religious Marriage:

Common-Law Marriage:

A common-law marriage is a type of marriage that does not require a civil or religious ceremony. Instead, the parties involved agree to consider themselves married. However, this form of marriage is quite rare nowadays, primarily due to the legal issues surrounding property and inheritance that arise in complex urban societies.

Same-Sex Marriage:

Open Marriage

Open marriage is a type of relationship where partners agree to allow each other to engage in sexual or romantic relationships with other people outside of the primary partnership. The terms and boundaries of an open marriage can vary widely, with some couples setting specific rules or guidelines to govern their outside relationships. Open marriages are often based on principles of honesty, communication, and mutual consent, but they can be complex and require a high level of trust and emotional maturity from all parties involved.


These are the types that are followed in society to bind two individuals among different religions by different cultures.

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