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5 Wedding Trends to Keep an Eye On In 2022

The wedding boom is here, and couples are prepared to have the biggest wedding celebration ever in 2022. Larger guest lists, destination weddings, and significant design moments are making weddings more like they once were, though there are still some limitations. This year, we are also observing that couples are generally being more intentional with everything, putting more emphasis on the guest experience, making more customized details, and spending more money per guest to make them feel truly included in the experience.

For more information on the current and upcoming wedding trends, keep reading! The following are the top 5 wedding trends to watch in 2022 as they are expected to emerge this year:

1. Curated guest lists

Even though things have returned to normal; we are still not ready to go back to the era of extravagant weddings in the presence of thousands of guests. Although most wedding venues have relaxed their guest policies, families and couples still prefer the comfort and hassle-free enjoyment of small gatherings with their close friends and family members.

Highly carefully selected guest lists are not only minimizing the chances of occurrences but also free you from unpleasant expenses at your ideal location, exciting entertainment, or other extravagant needs.

2. Hybrid/New format wedding

Big or small, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions. While keeping everyone’s safety as the top priority, the current choice seems to have changed from large, elaborate events to a variety of smaller ones, such as grand physical weddings and hybrid weddings. In essence, hybrid weddings combine physical and digital components. It enables families and couples to plan the wedding of their dreams with their loved ones in attendance while adhering to the social distance rules.

Weddings with a combination of in-person and virtual celebrations are currently popular, and we will see more of this trend in the near future. This trend may include setting up live streaming or having food delivered to guests who are attending remotely.

3. Personalisation and customisations

We have seen over the past ten years how important customization has become for weddings. The number of couples choosing personalized décor, hashtags, or rituals is rising every day. This is only going to worse as 2022 approaches. Particularly the hashtag craze. In today’s social media-driven world, it has experienced tremendous growth and is almost considered a wedding tradition.

4. Destination Wedding

The past few years have seen a huge increase in the popularity of destination weddings. Jaipur, Udaipur, Mussoorie, Agra, and Lonavala are a few of the well-known locations. Vaccination Weddings—destination weddings that take place close by—are an intriguing trend in the world of destination weddings. Since the pandemic, it has seen a significant increase. The primary motivating factor is the mandated safety precautions and travel restrictions. For instance, a Mumbai-based couple might decide to get married in Goa or Lonavla. Similar to this, a Delhi-based couple might decide to have a destination wedding in Rishikesh or Jaipur, which are both easily accessible places.

5. Sustainability at the core-

Couples are keeping sustainability at the top of their priority list when discussing weddings or large-scale Indian celebrations this year. Couples in their twenties are leading the charge for sustainability in today’s society. They encourage their friends and family to adopt healthier lifestyles because they have become more conscious of their own lifestyle choices. This year, consumers, as well as designers, place a high priority on wearing sustainable clothing. As there has been a significant change in the bride and groom’s sartorial preferences, this is redefining post-pandemic wedding fashion trends. They are now choosing sustainable clothing that is multipurpose and a wise investment, rather than choosing traditional heavy clothing, which would limit their wardrobe options.

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