March 2023

punjabi matrimony

Punjabi weddings and their rituals

Regarding festivities, Punjabi matrimony is an expert at pulling out all the stops, as seen by their reputation for humor, vivacity, and, of course, the bhangra. And what could be a more joyous event to commemorate than a wedding in the family? The traditional Punjabi matrimony wedding is a joyous occasion filled with plenty of…

brahmin matrimonial


Brahmin Matrimonial wedding is an essential part of life that only happens once in a lifetime. At the time of marriage, each community will have its rituals and perform them in its way. The Rituals observed in Brahmin Matrimonial weddings are as follows: Ritual 1 The Brahmin Matrimonial wedding ceremony begins with Edurukolu, which means…

rajput matrimony

Wedding Rituals in Rajput’s Marriage

Hindu weddings vary. Various regions have varied rituals and customs, but they all aim to bring prosperity and luck to the groom, bride, and their marriage. Most Indian weddings have a well-decorated location, colorful clothing with cosmetics, and tasty food. Perfect matches for Rajputs are found through Rajput Matrimony. Rajputs are Kshatriya warriors. Their warriors…